Engagement Models

Client relationship is the essence of our business. We look to form long strategic partnerships with ambitious and principled businesses that need to be disruptive in their competitive space and hence require ingenious results. ​

Our Engagement Model

Project Based Pricing Model​

This has a consultative approach towards project management, offering phased delivery and payment methods according to pre-determined milestones. Advantage in this type is that payment and deliverables can be defined and agreed upon prior to each phase according to client needs.

Resource Based Model

This model offers clients, dedicated Key Cube’ resources on a time and material basis. If the client wants to utilize the resources with a flexible delivery schedule entirely controlled by the client. The client will be charged according to person hours utilized.

Partnership Model

Key Cube will build and manage an off-shore unit as per the client requirements and will also offer a host of other services to facilitate smooth transfer of our unit into a client development center. We will stay with the client till the unit gets absorbed and becomes part of the client organization.

Joint Venture Model

We combine our client’s domain knowledge and our technology skills to form a win-win partnership, is perfect model for long term engagements with product development clients.

Alternative Model

In this models are essentially linking cost of services to total value derived from such services. They are flexible enough to take various forms depending upon client’s requirements and nature of the engagement


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